About Us

Rhythm Reload is your trusted source for insight into every music genre. Covering all things music — concerts, festivals, news, reviews, and interviews — our publication caters to the most passionate music fans.

Established in 2019, Rhythm Reload was founded out of Denver, CO, by a highly esteemed and accredited concert photographer featured in magazines across the country such as LA Weekly, Village Voice, Phoenix Sun Times, and Denver Westword. Thus, this music hub is born from an inside source with a passion for sharing music experiences with enthusiasts around the world.

We have established a team of professional writers in every major American city to bring you along with us virtually to concerts and shows across the nation. Read our content and then hop on a plane to see a show for yourself!

Rhythm Reload provides the latest insight into up-and-coming bands that you have yet to discover as well as the most sought-after bands of decades past and present. We are committed to feeding the souls of music devotees everywhere with the greatest sounds heard in the United States.