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All That Remains and Lacuna Coil Team up for Disease of the Anima Tour — Slideshow Included

Los Angeles’ Regent Theater hosts a full night of hard-hitting metal.

By Lisa Burke

On Tuesday, October 1, All That Remains brought its headlining tour to Los Angeles’s Regent Theater. The night featured Italian metal band Lacuna Coil, for whom the Disease of the Anima tour was named, in addition to Bad Omens, Toothgrinder, and Uncured.

The Regent Theater is known for its pleasant, mid-sized venue experience, and the space worked for this night of metal. With five acts, however, the show started unusually early. It was hard for some fans to catch the openers at 6 p.m. on a weekday, but those who were able received their money’s worth.

Uncured 2

Uncured performs at the Regent Theater, L.A., on 10/01/2019

Progressive death metal band Uncured started off the early evening. Having only been around for three years, the New Jersey band has toured with acts such as Cradle of Filth and Children of Bodom. The release of Uncured’s second album, Epidemic, has only grown its fan base.

The band was created by energetic brothers Rex and Zak Cox, who are both guitarists and vocalists, while they were teens. They have a knack for swimming from melodic to technical death metal, and there is no denying their superior skill level. While Uncured is still a young band on the scene, it seems to be gaining all the appropriate momentum as fans enjoyed a short but heavy set.

Another band from New Jersey, Toothgrinder, hit the stage next with its brand of metalcore that uses some progressive song structures. It geared up as much momentum as possible for the time allotted. Led by vocalist Justin Matthews with Johnuel Hasney, the newest team member and guitarist, it delivered the goods with ease.

The third band, a metalcore act, originally formed in Virginia and is now moving up the charts. Bad Omens excels in its stage presence, especially vocalist Noah Sebastian. He opened the set with a solo featuring his clean vocals, and then the band joined in. His acknowledging and alluring stage banter, along with his range from clean to scream, puts him above average next to the competition.

Lacuna Coil 4

Lacuna Coil guitarist rocks the Regent Theater’s stage on 10/01/2019

Finally, around 8:30 p.m., the clear draw of the night took stage. Italy’s own Lacuna Coil busted up the stage with its gothic, heavy metal influences. On the Century Media label today, the band has actually been around since 1994, and it is now about to release its ninth studio album, Black Anima, for which the tour is named.

Each album the band releases is a slightly different journey of the heart, leading to a different visual representation of the band with each tour. This tour found them all in black and white attire, symbolizing its message in a uniform way. The bassist wore gory makeup in the form of an exposed brain, increasing the backstage preparations as well as heightening the presentation on stage.

Lacuna Coil toured with All That Remains a few years back, before it became internationally famous, but by 2019, the bands have grown to be peers. All That Remains ransacked the stage as the headliner while just a few members of the crowd dispersed.

As the night carried on, the Massachusetts-based band blazed out its metalcore mixed with melodic death, putting up a grand musical fight. Fans were sucked into a vortex of undeniably dominating metal heaviness.

All That Remains’ longstanding guitarist Oli Herbert suffered a tragic death conspired as a possible murder just last year, which added a somber feel to the show. His death is an unresolved sore subject, but the band continued in his absence, touring and bringing the heavy show to a close. The tour ends on October 19.

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