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What Is the OSAM Challenge, Kenya??

It’s a call to create more music, issued by Tetu Shani. Let’s delve in.

By Katelyn Skye Bennett

Passionate about the developing Kenyan music industry, Tetu has invited Sage, Rigga, Lisa Oduor Noah, and Noel Nderitu to participate in the One Song a Month (OSAM) challenge, adding content to the scene and challenging the artists to keep creating.

As fans wait for the release of Tetu Shani’s acoustic album, Heartbreak Amnesia, he is feeding them with monthly singles. Riding on the momentum from “Africasun” and its music video sponsored by emPawa Africa in June, Tetu has been expanding his fanbase, performing, and releasing new content in unprecedented ways.

The OSAM challenge entails releasing one new song every first Friday of the month from August through December 2019. Tetu kicked it off with “Sema,” released earlier this month with a DIY music video. Though the music video contained lighting issues, the song was a hit among his fans. He released a humorous look behind the scenes later.

Meanwhile, Sage released a high quality neo-soul song, “Where Did You Go,” showing off her vocal talent. Sage was active on the music scene several years ago, including collaborating with Octopizzo in 2013 and releasing her solo work. However, she’s laid low over the past three years, sharing very little music with her fans. Based on this OSAM challenge single, she’s still got serious game. Sage released “Where Did You Go” on YouTube and Soundcloud.

On August 23, Tetu Shani released a bonus song relying on his pop side called “We Got This.” It was not part of the challenge but was something he was inspired to create with Wanja Wohoro, Sens_ei, and Elsaphan Njora in M3’s studio after a hype show at the Elephant. They threw together the song as a fun, spontaneous project. The catchy collabo contains Sens_ei and Elsaphan Njora’s raps, Wanja’s soprano, gang vocals, and Tetu’s repetitive chorus.

Tetu’s next OSAM release is impending, coming out on September 6. Tetu revealed in his Whatsapp fan group that the song is titled “Lovers Only,” and he added that he will be shooting a self-made music video in Diani using his iPhone. Tetu’s OSAM releases are available on all platforms.

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