Can You ID these Women in Punk?

Test your knowledge in this quiz!

By Anna Walsh

1. Joan Jett is a DC-area native featured in Frame of Mind. Which two bands is she best known for?

  • The Heartbreakers
  • The Blackhearts
  • The Runaways

Answer: The Blackhearts and The Runaways.

2. Sleater-Kinney is one of the best known 90’s riot grrrl bands. Which of their members just announced her departure from the band?

  • Carrie Brownstein
  • Corin Tucker
  • Janet Weiss

Answer: Janet Weiss

3. This classic punk frontwoman’s stage name is a chemical largely used to make plastic. Which band did she front?

  • The Slits
  • X-Ray Spex
  • X

Answer: X-Ray Spex. (Poly Styrene is the front person.)

4. Laura Jane Grace’s home state is often mentioned in Against Me! songs. Which state is it?

  • Georgia
  • California
  • Florida

Answer: Florida. She was a military brat born in Fort Benning, GA who moved around often before settling there at twelve.

5. This bassist released a memoir called Girl in a Band in 2015.

  • Sheila E
  • Kim Deal
  • Kim Gordon

Answer: Kim Gordon.

6. It’s not a spoon, not a fork, but a Shonen Knife. In what country did this band rise to prominence?

  • USA
  • Japan
  • England

Answer: Japan.

7. Young punks The Regrettes covered a song from the Hamilton musical last year for its EP. What song was it?

  • “Helpless”
  • “Satisfied”
  • “My Shot”

Answer: “Helpless.”

8. A big band from the smallest state, Downtown Boys were named “America’s Most Exciting Punk Band” by which publication?

  • The New York Times
  • Rolling Stone
  • Spin

Answer: Rolling Stone.

9. Blondie’s Debbie Harry used her prolific voice as a character in a classic musical’s film adaptation. Which was it?

  • Sound of Music
  • Grease
  • Hairspray

Answer: Hairspray

10. Patti Smith is not only one of the pioneers of punk rock but is also a poet, artist, and author. What was her first album?

  • Horses
  • Easter
  • Twelve

Answer: Horses.

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