Concert Reviews

Rolling Stones Fans Love Their T-Shirts!

The Rolling Stones tour made its way to Denver on August 10, taking over Mile High Stadium. We sent Denver-based photographer, Eric Gruneisen, to the parking lot to see what the Stones fans were up to.

He found that Stones fans have graduated to the slow and mellow side of life. He didn’t see a lot of rowdiness or out of control drunkenness. Instead, he witnessed a relaxing cheese, crackers, and wine type of tailgating with a hint of classic Stones songs in the air.

One thing that stood out about Stones fans was their love for t-shirts. They showed up in full support of their long-time heroes wearing both new and old shirts, sparking many conversations. 

Among all the Rolling Stones fans stood one slightly confused Seattle Seahawks fan (see slideshow) who seemed to have shown up on the wrong day, a lost Seahawks fan in Broncos land. 

As for the true Stones fans, the band took advantage of their love for fan wear and capitalized on t-shirt sales. It had three large stands around the stadium that always appeared to have at least 100 people in line. The number of stands inside the venue indicated that the band might make more money on shirts than in concert tickets!

Comment below with your favorite Rolling Stones t-shirt or photo from the concert.

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