Concert Reviews

Boogie Lights Up Stage at Firefly

By Arshon Howard 


If you follow Compton rapper Boogie, then you’ll know that’s his moniker when it come to his music, everyday life, and live shows. 

Boogie commanded The Prism stage at the eighth annual Firefly Festival in Dover this June. His energetic performance won over new fans and satisfied old ones as well. 

A tight crowd bordered the platform as fans waited for Boogie to come out. Once a few notes of “Silent Ride,” from his debut album Everythings For Sale, hit the speakers, attendees immediately began to sing in unison. Then he emerged on stage. 

It was about 90 degrees outside, and Boogie had on a long sleeve sweatshirt and jeans. It may seem ridiculous, but he’s never been known to keep his shirt on while he was performing.

“I don’t know why I wore this sweatshirt,” Boogie announced to the crowd. Within the first 30 seconds, he had stripped off his shirt, and that’s when the real show started. 

Boogie has grown noticeably comfortable with losing himself in the crowd and getting up close and personal with fans. He fired off couplets from his debut album including “Tired/Reflections,” “Live 95,” and “Self Destruction.” But the highlight of his performance was when he performed “Soho.” 

He asked who was most lit in the crowd before hand-picking two people from the audience and inviting them on stage. He let one of them take the microphone and rap the song for him, which amped the crowd up even more because the man knew all of the words. 

Despite Boogie’s lack of commercial recognition, he’s completely organic and reflective, speaking about his various relationships with family, women, and friends. The rapper is very open about his emotions and how he worries for those who matter the most to him.

His rapping ability should never be questioned. He’s a real wordsmith and can compete with the best of any of the rappers in today’s musical climate. 

Fans had the opportunity to witness another side of him, his wittiness, when rapped the second half of his verse to “LolSmh” a capella. 

Uh, back to this mission I carry out
We get wind that you tryna’ dis then on God, we gon’ air it out
The creator of feeling sorry, I’m dying to get ’em off me
Line up around the corner to get in your pity party
Pissed ’cause you picked me apart but don’t ever pick me up
Ain’t no gif or emoji depict how much I don’t give a f***

He ended the show with “Rainy Days,” featuring Eminem. The crowd went into a frenzy as soon as the beat dropped. Once Boogie started rapping the hook, he paused to let the fans rap along with him. 

Even then, you could still hear the lyrical prowess that Boogie possesses. 

This for my niggas in jail, wrestlin’ L’s (Uh)
That’s that hell in the cell
I come from a place where the s*** can get shady
My chances was slim (Ayy)
All my women was basic
We see different races since signing to him (Yeah)
I can’t send out no message to none of my exes
And b****es as friends (Ayy)
I can’t blow it again
Need a b**** that’s as thick as my skin, s*** ’cause.

Boogie proved that he doesn’t need the big-name co-signs or guest appearances to put on a memorable, enjoyable show.

If attendees weren’t fans of Boogie before the show, he definitely made them believers that night. Boogie is the most relatable, human hip hop performer to bare his soul on a beat, and he leaves a lasting impression every time he hits the stage. 

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