Local Natives and Middle Kids Create “Otherworldly” Experience for Fans

By Kristen Clure

On June 21, Local Natives played at the Fox Theater in Oakland with opener Middle Kids. Both bands are highly talented as musicians, and the groups rocked the stage with pure confidence. Not only were the instruments played tactfully, but the acoustics for the vocals were also incredible.

The atmosphere at most concerts inside the Fox is bubbly and entertaining due to the stacked layout of the general admission floor, which includes a bar. The intricacies of the theater are ever-present in the decor. Even at the most popular concerts, the venue is spacious and provides a great view of the stage from all areas.

With a good view of the talent established, both acts kicked into full swing and played their hearts out, each trying to prove how unique they were. There was something otherworldly about their performances, as though they didn’t belong in modern performance.

Middle Kids has been gaining popularity with its song “Edge of Town,” and the band did not disappoint when it played its set live. The audience was enthusiastic.

When Local Natives took the stage, it continued to bring the energy. The audio quality of both bands meshed well together, and the headliner’s consistent harmonies were enchanting.

Local Natives played some of its most popular, upbeat music first and then moved progressively slower in its selections, ending the set on perhaps its most popular song, “When Am I Gonna Lose You.”

The band returned to stage with an encore, surprising the crowd with one final song after its hit. Despite the unconventional approach to the set list, it was an awe-inspiring experience that lingered with the fans even after they left the show. Both bands are ones to watch during the upcoming years.

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