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Metro Sound and Music, Richmond, VA’s Oldest Independent Music Store

By Chris Lovitt

Richmond is known for its award-winning food and its art scene. Art embodies everything from museums and monuments to murals and music. If you travel far enough down Broad Street into the West 100’s block, you will spot Metro Sound and Music, a vintage music store.

Metro is Richmond’s oldest independent music retailer, and the fact that it’s privately owned is evident. The inside is adorned with an array of amps, guitars, keyboards, drums, cables, and microphones. It’s feels like organized chaos, which I like in a business since it doesn’t give off the cookie cutter feel that chain stores have.

Metro has a homey feel, as do a lot of places in Richmond. The at-home, small city feel is certainly what drives people to this area.

rs=w-1280Along with being Richmond’s oldest independent music store, Metro has been visited by artists including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stone Temple Pilots, and Tame Impala. I’m especially fond of Tame Impala, so it drives inspiration through my bones knowing that I live right down the street from where they once were.

My favorite part of the store is the area where they keep all their synths and keyboards. I’m a huge fan of vintage keyboards, and hooking them up to some quality tube amps is sick. I’ve certainly lost track of time while coming up with some melodies on a Juno Keyboard in the store. I could jam there all day.

The staff is super friendly and willing to hook up whatever instrument you’d like to play. I recommend their instruments and great deals here in Richmond, VA.

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