Richmond, VA’s Canal Club

By Chris Lovitt

The Canal Club sits right in the middle of Shockoe in downtown Richmond.  From the outside, it looks like a rugged place, but don’t let the exterior fool you into thinking that it’s not happening or lacks history.  The line to get in will often snake its way down Cary Street.

13330897_1250071598357474_7174852285621759566_nIf you’re into rock and metal, this venue is a must-see. On any given night, you can find local artists as well as those with a broader following, such as Anvil, Hed PE, and The Misfits.  Many national acts bring in the larger crowds, packing the place to the gills.

The up-close-and-personal feel of this place is one of the Canal Club’s many perks. The sound quality is great as well. The dress code here is fairly lenient, which you might expect from any rock and metal club. With it being in the historic Shockoe Bottom, Uber or Lyft might be a helpful means of transit since parking is scarce.

The way people linger outside waiting for their favorite artists is similar to the 930 Club in DC. The club sits right beside Buffalo Wild Wings and Bottoms Up Pizza, a pizzeria made famous by its deep dish, but also offers its own standard bar foods.

While breaking from moshing and getting your faced pounded, go ahead and try some. They serve chicken wings, tots, and other greasy munchies that you will want to chase down with a PBR or your favorite late-night beverage. Don’t worry; you can burn off the calories while sweating to the next head-banger. 


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