Greta Van Fleet The Modern Day Led Zeppelin?

Greta Van Fleet

By: Kristen Clure


For every lover of great music, there is a constant impending fear that we have no future artists to truly look forward to. There’s this constant nagging thought that the best-of-the-best musicians have already lived, and that the era for musical excellence peaked at the end of the 20th Century. Yet, despite this fear that the gods of rock have come and gone and that pop will reign superior for the younger generations, every once in awhile a band will come along and spark hope in the eyes of those who still drool when they hear a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo, or when they think about Robert Plant’s incredible range.

Unknown-3These musicians can’t be taken lightly because, while they are the future of music, they also hold tight to the image of the bands from the past. Yet this distinction allows them to be further separated from those bands that they are currently being compared to. Take Greta Van Fleet for example; this band is seen as the up-and-coming version of Led Zeppelin. Being compared to a band with such a large magnitude constitutes some serious pressure when writing, recording, and ultimately performing your own music. This constant comparison from a crowd that is so ready to critique your music has the power to make-or-break a band’s future success.

Unless the band remains cool-headed about the situation and doesn’t allow this kind of pressure to take over, then it’s difficult to remain successful.

Greta Van Fleet has taken the current stage by storm, especially while all of Unknown-2the members of the band are by far younger than most successful musicians who play in the same genre. They’re hitting the music world with a type of innocence and excitement that is not seen very often anymore. This lack of expectations from–and for–fame allows their true passion to speak for them; the music.

From such a young band, the amount of success that they have reached is astounding. Their future as artists remains promising, and watching them grow not only as a group, but as individuals, will have huge strides for their own personal sound as well as the direction that the band takes. They have the real possibility to create a prominent change to the music industry that we know.

There’s a level of maturity to the sound produced by the band, and it’s evident throughout the majority of their songs.

“And the black smoke rises

From the fires we’ve been told

It’s the new age crisis

And we will stand up in the cold”

For such a young group, they have a powerful concept of how to incorporate meaningful lyrics into their songs without seemingly trying to hard to make ‘noise’ as it were.

images-6And, according to the band as well, the comparison to rock legends of the past needs to stop; that’s too much to expect them to live up to if the music lovers of the world ever want them to be able to succeed. The band themselves has pointed this out, and it makes perfect sense. The only way for them to grow as musical artists and to push the boundaries of what we expect from music is to separate themselves from this idea that they are the new-age Led Zeppelin. This band really is in a unique position where they have the ability to truly sway a new generation’s perspective of what musical excellence is, as well as continuing to appeal to an older generation. This allows them to reach a wide audience, which gives them the power to distribute music to more people. The band has decided that, if they don’t produce new music soon, they’ll have to quit and move onto the next portion of their lives. This is great for their fans because it means that you can expect large amounts of content to be produced in the next couple of years.

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