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Photos: Baby Girl A Celebration of the Women of Hip Hop and R&B At The Resident In Los Angeles

Daniel Valencia

Deep in the Art’s District in Los Angeles on a Friday night, you can travel back in time to the 90’s listening to some old school along with some new school Hip Hop and R&B. 

Baby Girl an event held by Owner Marko Bacilio and his partner DJ Sammi G. These two San Fernando Valley natives bring back music from their past to sell out venues and packed crowds. 

Baby Girl celebrates the women of Hip Hop and R&B with the majority of the music being played by a female artist. Along with having female DJ’s like Sammi G and Marina Moreno to play these packed venues.

“It’s very Important to Showcase Female Dj’s,” said Sammi G, who is the marketing brains behind the operation and believes in the empowerment of female DJ’s in the industry. 

Marko Bacilio who is the owner of First and Fifteen promoting group hopes to spread this event all over the Pacific west coast. Currently, the event is mainly held in Los Angeles but they have also popped up in San Diego.

“It’s super authentic and to celebrate R&B legends and queens and R&B overall,” said Marina Moreno when describing her thoughts on the event.  Moreno has been playing the event since the beginning. She even coined the name “Baby Girl” for the event. 

Baby Girl brought some smooth jams and funky tunes. With some Nicki Minaj to Aaliyah, you really felt a little bit of everything.

All photos by Daniel Valencia for Rhythm Reload Magzine

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