Still Woozy – On His Way Up

By Kristen Clure

  63-ogComing and gaining traction in the music world relies on a mixture of affects and gimmicks that any musician usually needs to become successful. Yet, sometimes the music world becomes touched by a musician who gains traction without having all of the supposed necessary gimmicks readily available to them. This musician usually comes in with something more unusual than dynamic and hits the ground running with an idea that is so unconventional it connects with an audience in a spectacular sort of way.

This idea is similar to what happened with Chance the Rapper, he went into the music world fairly clean of producers and created his own sound without this type of body hovering over him. Gaining traction without an actual producer is more than difficult; you have to be able to go above and beyond groundbreaking to pull of a stunt like that in today’s music world. Yet, with Chance, his traction seemed almost immediate as talent radiates through his first mixtape and continues to build as he grows as a musician.

  Now, we’ve got Still Woozy; an up-and-coming artist based out of Oakland, CA. Sven Gamsky, or Still Woozy, is only 26 years old and graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2015. Coming from the Bay, you have an intensive mixture of sounds to pull from when you’re discovering your own, and he’s effectively defined himself as a funky mix of electronic noise. As an indie artist, his song Goodie Bag is well known enough to be on most basic indie playlists from last year, and for most people to have grabbed the tune enough to sing along. As such a new artist this is a huge accomplishment, and the sheer number of listens to this song on spotify specifically would suggest that he’s headed for later success in his future career.  

  His use of alternative sounds and vocals creates a newfound vibe that is completely different than anything ever created before. Not only that, but he has written and recorded all of his music by himself in his garage. At this defining point in his career, he has established an immense amount of talent and skill through creating his own music as well as proving skilled at recording his work by himself.

  While he’s gained a significant amount of traction from releasing a single song at a time, the indie community is waiting for him to release a full-length album or an EP at some point in the near future. Good News since he’s releasing an EP very soon. Once he releases more of a full project, it’s likely that he’ll fully blow up in the music world based on the traction he’s gotten from only having seven songs. Seven songs is not enough to base an entire career off of and, while it’s apparent that he’s off to a good start, this EP has the potential to fully jumpstart his future. There’s something almost dreamlike about Sven’s music, and there’s a real connection between his lyrics and life events that most people probably connect with enough to listen in to what he’s saying. He’s still touring, performing at USC recently and gaining popularity among college students, yet a seven song set will leave anyone wanting more and it’s likely that we can expect more from Still Woozy in the upcoming future.

  These concerts feature a mixture of his own songs, as well as various covers to make the audience not leave with that empty feeling which happens after a concert that was just too short. This is good news for Sven who’s playing at Coachella this year, which will also bring heightened interest in his music from the age group he’s targeting.

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