5 Concerts To See in the Valley This Summer

5 Concerts To See in the Valley This Summer

Summer in the Valley of the Sun is intense. “It’s a dry heat”, they say. Dry or not, 115 degrees during the day is exhaustingly hot. Your car will bake you alive. However, this makes for incredible night-time temps; perfect for a night out with live music. Here are 5 concerts happening in the Phoenix area this summer you’ll definitely want to check out.

Knuckle Puck & Citizenimgres

5/28/2019 at The Nile Theatre

Tickets start at $22.00

Not exactly summer yet, but an evening of pop-punk is not to be missed. The improvements made on the genre after 2012 have produced some of the best bands of today. Knuckle Puck’s last album Shapeshifter was a BANGER. The band has been kind of under the radar since its release, but hopefully we’ll be seeing more activity from them with this tour. Joe Taylor’s witty lyrics certainly are a blast to sing with them live. Citizen brings the strong emo-shoegaze vibe. If you’re looking to get feelsy, this is where you need to be on May 28th. Their most recent album, As You Please, saw their sound evolve significantly, somehow going way beyond their previously acclaimed release “Youth”. The lyrics will rip you apart. The bands will be supported by Hunny and Oso Oso, so get there right when doors open to fully experience the magic.


6/06/2019 at Rebel Lounge

Tickets start at $15.00

Mathcore giants TTNG, formerly known as This Town Needs Guns, are touring for the 10-year anniversary of their groundbreaking original album “Animals”. TTNG has been tough to follow for some people after losing their original singer, but they’ve always managed to expand that confusing mathcore sound that so many bands fail to be able to do. There have been tons of 10-year anniversary concerts happening the past few years, because so much good shit was made between 2005 and 2010. “Animals” was distinctly mind-blowing, and is definitely one of those anniversary concerts worth visiting to be reminded just how creative it was back then.


6/09/2019 at Crescent Ballroom

Tickets start at $26.00

CHON has been one of the most satisfying bands to watch rise out of progressive metal/math rock origins. Their song structures are insane and can really make your head hurt. Not a style you’d expect people to get into on a large scale. Having just played to a massive audience at Coachella–accompanied by the legendary KENNY-FREAKING-G–and done tours with orchestras, they’ve consistently been breaking down barriers since the release of their first full-length album Grow. Their 3rd self-titled release comes out 2 days before the Phoenix show on June 7th, so it’s worth going to hear a bunch of their new songs live. They’ll be supported by DOMi and JDBeck, some of the most talented modern Jazz musicians to surface online.

Coheed and Cambria52338411_10157070631252813_5409679521706147840_n

6/30/2019 at Comerica Theatre

Tickets start at $39.00

Coheed is one of the original progressive rock bands of the new millennium, and has a long list of amazing albums to show for it. They’ve gone way beyond their now-classic album Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV while staying true to their original style. Their new album The Unheavenly Creatures, like most of their albums, builds on the concept of frontman Claudio Sanchez’s science fiction comic books The Amory Wars. It’s a great progressive rock album. Claudio still has the surprising voice that doesn’t really fit his larger physical body frame. And, of course, that massive curly hair. Their live show has always been incredible, and Claudio’s vocals on point. Seeing them live is an experience to be treasured. They’re coming with Mastodon who is playing their infamous 2009 album Crack the Skye, with support from Every Time I Die.

The Growlersimgres

07/17/2019 at The Van Buren

Tickets start at $32.50

The evolution of beach goth has been a dazzling spectacle to behold. What began as a self-appointed genre label has become a top-notch circus-themed party at every show. Somewhat indie, somewhat surf, somewhat psychedelic, they are as indivualistic as bands come. Their 2018 album Casual Acquaintances marks yet another distinct shift in their sound, while staying within the beach goth feel. Seeing The Growlers live should be a necessary human requirement; they bring a special charisma other bands can’t come close to matching. Since they’re the only band on the bill, it’s going to be a long night of great music.

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