Concert Reviews

COIN – The Fillmore a Year Ago to Now

Fillmore San Francisco

By Kristen Clure

Watching a band that you avidly follow grow is always a rewarding experience. There’s something about being connected to the music as an artist grows and learns to define their sound. There’s something so powerful to watching a band transform on stage once they really find their groove in performing.


Last year, COIN performed at the Fillmore in San Francisco with tickets starting off at $7 a pop. The venue was only partially filled with a random assortment of people, and the band was fresh off of their previous tour with Bad Suns.

They weren’t a commonly known band, although their song Talk Too Much had already received a decent amount of attention through the Spotify-stratosphere, and they were a little more up-and-coming in the Indie Scene than they had been the year before.

COIN prepared to take the stage directly, following The Aces–who also wowed the crowd fueled by their all-girl indie-pop-meets-punk vibe–fitting in well with the atmosphere inside of the Fillmore with its dim chandeliers and deep-maroon crushed velvet interior, and the crowd was met with darkness.

And they awed.

For such a new band taking the stage of many accomplished artists before them, they did not disappoint. The energy in the room was insane. For such a new band, the lyrics were easy to follow in their choruses if you didn’t know who they were, and for someone who followed them it was magnetizing; you couldn’t take your eyes off the stage.

Fast forward a year to 2019, and you see a new version of COIN. With recent drops of their tracks ‘Cemetery,’ ‘Simple Romance,’ and ‘I Want It All’ the band has been gaining traction from the same fan bases they opened for two years previous. Fans of Bad Suns, Hippo Campus, Small Pools, and Walk the Moon have joined the ranks of fans who follow COIN.

We’ve been promised a new album – coming soon – with more artistic control given to the band in decisions over the final product. And they’re excited, readily waiting for what’s to come.

Coin-2This is the same kind of energy you could feel in the room when the band prepared to take the stage on February 22nd. The tension and excitement thick in the air, as the whole crowd is ready for them to begin. A whole crowd- a crowd that had transformed from the semi-full Fillmore from 2018 to a packed space when you were pushed and shoved closer and closer to the stage- waiting patiently for the band to arrive.

And then the lights go dark, and the crowd begins to roar. Colorful lights begin to flash from the stage and a flurry of static and music rings over the soundsystem. Random cheers are heard from the crowd now as we try to keep up with the movement of the beat. The pulse increases, the heartbeat of the crowd raises to keep up with the beat coming from the stage.

Suddenly, the beat stops, the lights stop, and then all at once the band is on stage, all lights and eyes are on them, while the crowd is sucked into the screams and the cheers all around them.

This type of excitement and energy was carried on throughout the entire concert while the lead singer frequently came out to reach the crowd, and they worked to engage their audience in dancing around with them to the music.

Not only was the energy the band created reciprocated by the crowd, but throughout the entire concert every member of the band was smiling. They were genuinely happy to be where they were.

By this point, most bands have lost the joy of performing, and it’s exciting to see a band who is receiving this much noise still be as excited to play music together as COIN. They’re definitely a name to listen for in the next few years.

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