Phoenix Local Band The Maya Spectra Defining a New Sound

By Dale Baumgartner
  What the hell is an Omnigenre? Omni is of latin origin, meaning roughly “all; from all things”. With the first and only real Google result associated 1525185_265555426968675_8108265810188833121_ndirectly with The Maya Spectra, we see the potential emergence of a new genre. The concept is earned – they hit all the sweet spots you know you have and the ones deep inside yet to be realized. There are electronics involved, but it doesn’t take direct influence from the electronic music most people are listening to.

  The most surprising thing to grasp about the band is the massive self-created sounds coming from a lack of members. A trio, with Janel Blanco manipulating vocal sounds; Donald Peña on guitar while layering seemingly endless synths; and Julian Pena handling a vast array of percussion styles, this band has qualities everyone can appreciate. They prove that when electronic-driven bands deviate from heavy sampling, amazing things are possible.
  After what seems to be a 3-ish year break, they’ve just released a new single “Cerulean Eyes” – a certified godly 4 minutes of music. It is ambient but straightforward, soft but intense. Definitive of a new sound. With climax after climax, it’s the stuff to make your eyes dilate and forget who 52635813_1098959823628227_3834047739553906688_nyou are every 45 seconds. Intense psychedelia would be a soft way of putting it. Blanco’s reverb-heavy vocals soar. The beat is strong but not repetitive. The soundscape is masterfully crafted, giving that feeling of complete randomness placed by a divine source. Picture the Hindu God of Destruction Shiva’s 6-arms waving like a rope, gently smacking you in the face. Shiva is considered protector of the sacred Hindu texts; a fitting comparison for The Maya Spectra.
  This is one of those widely-loved local bands that has very little material and rarely plays shows, but makes a shockwave with what little presence they have. They have 5 recorded songs plus 2 remixes of their new single, but their potential is crystal clear. The Music Box EP is required material for life. When people ask about music going on in the Valley, this is the best answer to showcase that the sun doesn’t drive everyone completely insane and there’s immensely creative shit being crafted here. One can only pray The Maya Spectra holds this standard for the rest of their lives so the rest of us can remain fulfilled. Check them out on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. They deserve your support.
For more information on Maya Spectra please visit:a1966274296_16

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